Launched in December 2018, the third edition of the RTEC competition ended on June 19 at the Renault Trucks Square in Lyon. A look back at this exceptional final.

6,134 participants, 1,642 teams and 86 different countries in competition: these are the record numbers that marked the 2019 edition. After 6 months of competition, stress and challenges, 24 teams from 20 countries competed in the RTEC 2019 final to try to win the competition. Once again, this year, the challenge, that brings together the Renault Trucks network of after-sales service technicians, was a great success, a symbol of a unifying event that arouses passion and commitment for the brand.The results came in on the evening of June 19 at the gala and awards dinner. This is the podium of the 2019


  • 1st place: THAUR team – Austria 
  • 2nd place: 8BARREIROSTRUCKS – Spain
  • 3rd place: NO.1 – Slovakia
  • « Best team spirit »: SPERTO 2.0 – Belgium 

The 2019 edition of RTEC also included 227 apprentices divided into 152 teams. The best of them were rewarded at the award ceremony. Perceived as the hope of tomorrow, they have been able to integrate and apply their skills as well as professionals. As a reminder, through the RTEC initiative, we are trying to meet a constant need for technician training. We want to encourage the development of our technicians’ skills, reward team spirit and thank them for their commitment to the brand and their daily contribution to customer satisfaction. 


Congratulations again to all the teams who have impressed with their very high level of skills and who continue to make RTEC one of the brand’s major events.


SEE YOU IN 2021!

The Race Is On!

The 2019 edition of RTEC breaks all records. After a first round completed by 91% of the teams, the participants have just finished the second theoretical round, with a participation rate of 83%.

RTEC aims to highlight the know-how of the Renault Trucks network by bringing together the best after-sales professionals in the world. This challenge is an opportunity to highlight several points:  


  • The commitment to the brand shown by the participants, who defend Renault Trucks’ colors throughout the world.
  • Teamwork because Renault Trucks promotes collective effort and solidarity. It is together that the teams will try to reach the final and win.
  • Skills development because RTEC aims to test and improve technicians’ knowledge with theoretical and technical questions.
  • Recognition of the technicians who, every day, contribute to customer satisfaction and brand image.

As a reminder, the competition is split into three parts: two theoretical tests and a final practical test on vehicles. The teams have already answered the questions of the first two rounds. These theoretical questions aim to develop their technical skills, their knowledge of Renault Trucks tools and procedures, but also customer relationship management, in order to help and train them to provide excellent service to customers. 

Next step for the participants, the semi-finals in some countries to decide between the best teams. After that, the 24 best teams will be selected to participate in the international final that will take place in Lyon on 19 and 20 June 2019. Participants will then be able to put themselves in real conditions and compete around practical tests.


In addition, this year, RTEC is opening up to even more countries, with 86 countries competing for victory, compared to 49 in 2017. New countries such as Cuba, Chile and Indonesia are joining the competition!

For more information about the competition, go directly to the Facebook page.


The Race Is On!


This year, the 3rd edition of the RTEC competition comes out with a bang!

Registration is now closed and the first theoretical test (round 1) is over. The competition has just begun but the commitment of the participants has never been so strong. This year, 6,134 participants, divided into 1,642 teams and coming from 86 different countries, are fighting to win the 2019 edition. A real record in terms of registrations, since the 2017 edition brought together 5,285 candidates from 49 countries, or 1421 teams.


The major innovation of the 2019 edition is the integration of apprentice technicians into the teams. This year, 227 of them joined the competition alongside professionals. They are divided into 152 teams.


Regarding the first round, the participation rate was excellent, with 91% of the teams registered taking part in the first theoretical test of the competition. Special mention to the teams from Turkey and the United Kingdom for their involvement, with a total participation of 100%.


Once again this year, the competition promises to be full of surprises. Next step for the participants, the second theoretical test (round 2) which will take place from March 11 to April 5! This will be an opportunity to test once again the knowledge of the Renault Trucks network’s after-sales personnel.


Thank you to all the participants for their commitment and good luck to them, this is not the time to relax, the competition is far from over!


For more information about the competition, go directly to the Facebook page.


The Race Is On!

RTEC (The Road To Excellence Championship) is back for a 3rd edition. 

Renault Trucks’ RTEC challenge is a competition bringing together after-sales organisations from 86 countries. On January 21, 2019 will be launched the first test of the competition. The 2017 edition brought together 5,281 candidates in 1,420 teams from 49 different countries, involving all Renault Trucks’ « Sales Areas » for the duration of the competition. Will the RTEC 2019 competition mobilize even more teams and participants?

As the registrations for the 2019 edition have just opened, it is time for the dealer participants to set up teams of three to four people with a technical and/or administrative profile. The new feature of RTEC 2019: teams in competition are invited to integrate apprentices in order to develop the attractiveness of the truck sector.

The competition consists of two theoretical tests, an optional semi-final in the countries and a hands-on final, which will take place in Lyon on June 19, 2019. To have the chance to participate in this final, teams must participate in all parts of the theoretical questions and obtain the highest score.

RTEC aims at developing the skills of the after-sales staff working for the Renault Trucks brand. After-sales service is full of talented people who contribute every day to customer satisfaction and brand image. This competition also helps to build relationships between participants and strengthen their team spirit.

Planning of the 2019 edition:

  • First round from 21 January to 25 February
  • Second round from March 11 to April 5
  • Semi-Final from 13 to 26 April
  • Final in Lyon from 18 to 20 June 

Practical information:

The Race Is On!